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Alaska Sex Stones Studio

mailing address: 
P O Box 211025

Anchorage AK 99521-1025

An appointment to see my art dreams can be made by calling the numbers below. If you like what you see tell me of your Art Dreams and let me make them come to life for you.  

Phone: 907 337 7514 message

   Cell:  907 440 2908

Gallery Exhibition Season I will be forgoing the mobile art gallery until we have built our new studio.There is a new feature to this web site a store where you can pay using pay pal.                

Come experience the Art of                     "Alaska Sex Stones Studio"                            I put a piece of Alaska and a bit of my heart in all that I create.

Now to answer the question that usually comes up about the studio's name.


Why did I name my studio "Alaska Sex Stones Studio"?

Let me ask you a question, will you ever forget the name of my studio?

Probably not. That is why I named it “Alaska Sex Stones Studio".


This web site is suitable for all ages. The site represents my art studio and my work. 

The Art is all copy write protected by the artist so please do not copy or borrow from the web site content. I have the exclusive rights to sell "Alaska Sex Stones”.

There are other Alaskan Rocks for sale but this is the only place to buy "Alaska Sex Stones", in a box with a story about them.

All Art sold is Certified "Made In Alaska" and carries the MIA logo. I use products that I gather or buy from other Alaskan small buisnesses.

I am an Alaskan Artist with a BA in Art from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

I do like to work with stones (rocks) and they are easy to find and have a variety of talents that lend to many artistic ideas. Yes I do sell the "Alaska Sex Stones" with adult laungage hinted at.

There is also a child friendly language choice, just in case the hinting on the inside of the

box affends someone's senses. Both are soon to be pictured on the store page.


The Gallery page has examples of my work paintings, silver point sketches, my take on the every popular outhouse, sculptures including a one of a kind Alaskan Chess Set the one you view is the prototype. There are Alaskan oyster shell paintings, a very few large scallop shells that I have painted on.

 There is a paypal account for your convienience on the store page, at this time unless you call me directly on the cell phone # and we deciede on a different method it is the only way to buy something through this sight.

 A reasonable shipping & handling charge will be added to the purchase. Shipping is handled through the USPS using their flat rate packaging. 

Call the cell phone # at the left if you have any questions.



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