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Alaska Sex Stones Studio

mailing address: 
P O Box 211025

Anchorage AK 99521-1025

Call to make an appointment to see my work. Or to talk to me of your Art Dreams and let me make them real. 

Phone: 907 337 7514

Gallery Exhibition Season I will be forgoing the mobile art gallery this summer. I am hopeing to build a new studio and gallery soon and am trying to put that into action this summer.              I am availabe for commisions.           There is a new feature to this web site a store where you can pay using pay pal.                The Alaska Sex Stones are for sale along with other art and stones.

Alaska Sex Stones Studio Mobile Art Gallery Exhibition Season

The Mobile Art Gallery is not working the summer season of MMXVI (2017).

please continue to browse and check back often I will be adding items for sale on the web site. I am also available

for commision work, so please call with your art dreams and I will make them into art for you.


Still in the process of building a new studio and gallery. Please call the number at the left with any questions or to speak to me about art dreams.


I can arrange an appointment to show you my work and discuss any commisions or purchases you would like.

There is a store on this web site I am in the process of arrange a pay pal acccount for convience of payment.

Thank you for your patience.

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