Alaska Sex Stones Studio
Alaska Sex Stones Studio

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Alaska Sex Stones Studio

mailing address: 
P O Box 211025

Anchorage AK 99521-1025

907 337 7514 is the number to call for an appointment to see my art dreams and how I have made them come to life. If you like what you see tell me of your Art Dreams and let me make them come to life for you.  

Phone: 907 337 7514

Gallery Exhibition Season I will be forgoing the mobile art gallery until we have built our new studio.There is a new feature to this web site a store where you can pay using pay pal.                







The building of a new studio and gallery is going slowly, however I am available for commissions and do have  

finished art for sale,

I can arrange an appointment to show you my work and discuss any commisions or purchases you would like to make.

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