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Alaska Sex Stones Studio

mailing address: 
P O Box 211025

Anchorage AK 99521-1025

An appointment to see my art dreams can be made by calling the numbers below. If you like what you see tell me of your Art Dreams and let me make them come to life for you.  

Phone: 907 337 7514 message

   Cell:  907 440 2908

Gallery Exhibition Season I will be forgoing the mobile art gallery until we have built our new studio.There is a new feature to this web site a store where you can pay using pay pal.                

All products that you order will be shipped USPS Flate Rate Priority Boxes, this shipping preferance comes with insurance and a tracking number. I prefer to ship this way as it is a better price for my customers.  The boxes very in size and price those specifications can be looked up on the United States Postal Service website under flate rate box size and price. The more expensive items may need other avenues of shipping to ensure their safe delivery please feel free to call number at left with any questions. 


Below you will find some Christmas gift ideas.

All of our gift ideas are certified MIA "Made In Alaska" they are resonably priced and sutible for all ages.

The smaller stones should not be given to anyone or anything the puts things in their mouth, chocking hazard. 

Art For Sale

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